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How Does a ReptiSnack
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  • Pick a bug subscription

    1. Decide which monthly ReptiSnack subscription is right for you and your unique pet(s).

  • Create your profile

    2. Create your exclusive membership ReptiSnack profile to build and customize your subscription.

  • Get Monthly deliveries

    3. Expect LIVING ReptiSnack bugs delivered to your door every month – guaranteed!

  • Shop from home

    4. Enjoy stress-free pet food shopping from home as an exclusive ReptiSnack Subscription Member.

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Choose Your ReptiSnack Subscription

We specialize in Dubia Roaches, expanding the variety of bugs available for our ReptiSnack Members daily.

Determine what to feed your critter then customize your ReptiSnack subscription, for your unique reptile, arachnid, and amphibian pets.

What To Feed Your Critter

A Girl & Her Geckos

The story of ReptiSnack starts just like all others...

Girl really wants a Gecko that doesn't eat bugs.

Girl buys Gecko that doesn't eat bugs and 2 more THAT DO!

Stressed out searching for bugs at the pet store, Girl learns to breed her own.

Girl shares her bug food solution by creating ReptiSnack!

Hover or drag each photo to flip over and meet these ReptiSnack Critters.

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