1. What is ReptiSnack?
Answer :
ReptiSnack is a feeder insect subscription service that delivers your critter’s favorite bugs directly to your front door with guaranteed live delivery. No more competing for bugs at the pet store or with online dealers. We’re here to take stress away from you so you can enjoy your reptile, amphibian, or arachnid without competing in the food chain. Literally.
2. How do I subscribe?
Answer :
You can subscribe here. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and complete your profile then you’ll be receiving bugs in no time.
3. What do I get?
Answer :
Depending on which ReptiSnack subscription you choose, you’ll receive a monthly order of the bugs and quantity you specify when you sign up. Then your bugs will ship every month to arrive directly at your door (or at your post office if temps are below 50 degrees).
4. What happens if my bugs arrive dead?
Answer :
We guarantee live arrival. If for ANY reason your bugs arrive dead, we require a photo of your order within two hours of delivery. We offer replacements for dead insects. However, once shipped we are not able to intercept or change an order. We do carry insurance on every order so that if anything happens to an order while on transit that is outside of our control, we can replace your order worry free.

Disclaimer: Insects are carnivorous. If you happen to have one or two bugs dead due to nature, we do not send replacements for these. We do, however, send more than the order quantity every time so you can be sure you receive the amount you purchased worry free.
5. How are bugs counted out?
Answer :
Bugs are measured and weighed through extensive mathematical formulas to ensure you receive the perfect amount (and then some) every time.
6. What do the bugs come in?
Answer :
Each insect is shipped differently.

Dubia Roaches arrive in clear deli cups with paper egg crates inside for easy long term, space-saving storage.

Mealworms, Superworms, and Phoenix Worms (Calciworms) are shipped in cups filled with wheat bran which serves as their bedding and a food supply.

Hornworms are shipped in upside down deli cups with enough food to get them through shipping along with a pack of food to help you get through the month with them.
7. How do I take care of them for a whole month?
Answer :
Each box comes with a ReptiSnack care card that walks you through how to care for your ReptiSnack insects so you get the best nutrition for your critter and the most longevity from your bugs.
8. How do I cancel my subscription?
There are no fees and strings to cancel. Just login to your ReptiSnack profile and select cancel. You will not receive another order the following month of your cancellation.
9. I got a new reptile. How do I change my subscription?
Just update your ReptiSnack profile with your new pet and change your subscription inside your profile. You’ll receive your new subscription order and your fees will update the next month.
10. Why do I need a profile?
This is where you can change, cancel, or edit your information. Having a ReptiSnack profile gives you the freedom to manage your subscription, and us the proper information to keep you updated about your subscription status should your critter need a change in bug size or quantity through its growth cycle.
11. What subscription do I need for my reptile, amphibian, or arachnid?
That depends on your critter. If you are uncertain what size and quantity that's needed, or how to change your subscription as they grow, we will be happy to help and walk you through the process. There are a variety of resource available on our Resources page. If you’d still like help after that, please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to help!
12. Can I make a custom subscription?
Currently no, although we are working toward a day when this will be a possibility. If you’d like a custom subscription please reach out on our contact page. We need your feedback to know how to design this program in the future!
13. What states do you ship to?
Dubia Roaches: Ships to all 50 states

Mealworms, Superworms, Phoenix Worms (Calciworms): All lower 48 states.

Hornworms: All lower 48 states.
14. Shipping: Costs, supplier, and frequency.
Shipping costs are included in your ReptiSnack subscription so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees.

All packages are shipped via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail. We ship Monday and Tuesday of every week so that you will always receive your ReptiSnack order on time and without any complications. Should anything unexpected arise with the delivery progress of your order, you will be notified and a new order will be shipped immediately if needed. If you have a custom order and choose shipping yourself outside of what we offer for shipping options, we cannot be held responsible for the arrival of the bugs. Refunds or replacements will not be offered.
15. When will I receive my monthly order?
All ReptiSnack orders are scheduled to deliver the following Monday of every month.

For example, if you subscribe on a Tuesday the 9th, your first order will ship the following Monday the 15th and your monthly orders after that will be scheduled for the second Monday of each month. Your delivery dates are included in your ReptiSnack profile so you can keep track of your order arrivals.
16. I can’t sign up because your subscriptions are full. What do I do?
We are an exclusive service that has limited openings for subscriptions so that we can ensure those who have subscribed are guaranteed to receive their ReptiSnack bugs every month.

If you’d like to subscribe but our subscriptions are full, when you create your profile, you can sign up for our emails. We will notify you as soon as an opening is available.

Rest assured we are constantly growing and expanding our stock so the subscription limitations will lessen as we grow. Our goal os to allow more critters and critter parents to receive their monthly hassle-free ReptiSnack food shipment.
17. Why should I sign up for your emails?
Our emails include resources, terrarium ideas, reptile care, discounts, and updates. We won’t spam you or overwhelm your inbox. We’ll just give you what you need to get the most from your ReptiSnack subscription and bugs!
18. What about wintertime? Won’t they die in the mail?
The answer is no. However, we do recommend picking your ReptiSnack bugs up from your local post office in the wintertime if you aren’t home to receive them as soon as a delivery is made. We automatically make this change to your profile based on your location and notify you beforehand so you have the option to change it back if you so choose. However, we are not responsible for any damaged or dead bugs if you choose to receive them at your address in the wintertime.
19. Do Dubia Roaches stink?
Nope! Dubia Roaches do not release a musk like a lot of insects. However, they do poop!
If you don’t feed the roaches to your critter within the month after receiving them, you may want to consider cleaning their container so the frass doesn’t start to smell over time.
20. If the bugs get out – will I have to call the exterminator?
Usually no. They are not known to make a new home out of your home. In general, they will likely die before they are old enough to do that and they don’t reproduce asexually so even if they do happen to live longer than anticipated, they will live out their lifecycle and die without reproducing.