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In a nutshell, this is my story. I was running another business at the time I got Kayda, my Crested Gecko. Little did I know how just that one little Gecko would set events in motion that would completely change my life.

The story of ReptiSnack starts just like all others...

Girl wants a Gecko.
Girl wants a Gecko that doesn’t eat bugs.
Girl gets a Gecko that doesn’t eat bugs. Meet Kayda - my love.
Girl goes to Repticon to get stuff for Kayda.
Girl comes home with stuff for Kayda - and two other Geckos THAT EAT BUGS.
Girl soon learns what it’s like to stress over bugs at the pet store.
Girl decides to raise her own Dubia Roaches.
Girl soon learns roaches breed like rabbits and her Geckos don’t eat that fast.


Enter the birth of ReptiSnack - your friendly neighborhood bug subscription that takes that stress out of reptile (and arachnid) care.


Like it says above, I went to Repticon and came home with a Leopard Gecko and a Chinese Cave Gecko - both of which need bugs to survive. I didn’t think too much of that UNTIL I started buying bugs. I was rushing to 3 different pet stores on rotation hoping to catch someone who still had something in stock. I tried ordering online but I ran into the same issue with the online breeders. It’s first come first served while they have stock and if you aren’t fast enough, then you’re left to try to dig up local breeders.

Where I live, the reptile community is pretty dense so there’s heavy competition to get to your bugs before the suppliers sell out. I did this for about two weeks and was already OVER it, but I didn’t want to re-home my reptiles. So, (after bribing my husband that I would buy him a motorcycle if he let me breed roaches in the house), I happened to find a guy locally that was selling his colony of Dubias. His Bearded Dragon had stopped eating them and he had nothing else to feed them to, so I snatched them up. Things just grew from there.

I started raising Dubias, then I decided to try my hand at other feeder insects. At the time of writing this, I’m up to 6 different feeder insects all of which will eventually be offered on ReptiSnack.

I started ReptiSnack to solve the problem of insect depletion. I offer guaranteed insect delivery directly to your door monthly without worrying about the rat race to the store or someone running out of stock. When you sign up, you know what you’re getting. The stress of driving all over town to find bugs – or donning your crocodile hunter gear to catch wild ones (NOT RECOMMENDED) – is in the past.

I decided to offer exclusive memberships so I wouldn’t over max my stock which means memberships are limited, however I am set up to grow so I hope to offer more memberships and more insects as time progresses.

So with that, thank you for listening to my story and supporting ReptiSnack!

Kodi Mann, ReptiSnack founder and owner

Kodi Mann
ReptiSnack, Founder/Owner

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